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Kids Connection has been a healthy, positive and consistent environment for my 2 children to look forward to and attend.  I have a 3 & 4 year old in the 3/4 split and I am quite impressed on how they are able to provide the pre-k learning environment for the older children, while also including the younger children to encourage growth.

The environment at the school is extremely welcoming, the teachers are always positive with my children continually providing praise when asked about their days.

We thank the teachers who pour their hearts & souls into the learning environment each day.


Parent- Maria W.

I am so thankful for Kids Connection opening this past year. Despite all the challenges and changes they have had to endure with COVID 19, they have always ensured our children’s safety was first. 


My daughter absolutely loves going to school and looks forward to it every school day! She loves her teachers who have made her feel so comfortable and safe right from the beginning which is so important and such a sense of relief as a parent. She has excelled so much academically and we’ve noticed a huge difference at home as well. We’re so grateful for this preschool!


Parent- Amy B.


My son goes to Kids Connection Preschool and loves it! Every morning when we drop him off he gets so excited. He is always saying “I love school!” The teachers there are amazing! They are very caring and have great upbeat personalities. They truly make this new transition very smooth. We are so grateful that our son gets to experience such a positive introduction into school.

Parent- Tana M.

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